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The 2010 Steamboat Springs Hometown Heroes Celebration

Jon Roberts is an experienced government administrator who served more than 17 years with the City of Victorville, California. Since In February of 2009, he became employed as a city manager in the ski town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In 2010, Jon Roberts had the honor of conducting the Hometown Heroes Parade as part of Steamboat Springs’ larger Hometown Heroes Celebration.

Held in downtown Steamboat Springs on April 2, 2010, the Hometown Heroes Celebration was a daylong event that provided a warm welcome home for the city’s returning Winter Olympians. The festivities began at 2pm when the gold-winning Nordic Combined Team paid visits to several local schools. As the afternoon progressed, the city sponsored a public meet-and-greet with a number of successful Olympians, including gold and silver medalist Bill Demong and triple silver medalist Johnny Spillane. The Hometown Heroes Celebration culminated in an elaborate downtown parade that featured the world’s only skiing band and horse-drawn sleighs carrying Olympic athletes and coaches.


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Trails in Steamboat Springs

Formerly the city engineer and city manager of Victorville, California, Jon Roberts thenserved as the city manager for Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In this position, Jon Roberts has improved many of the region’s open spaces, such as Emerald Mountain and the Yampa River.

Along with being the home to a world-class ski resort, Steamboat Springs offers other attractions for the outdoors enthusiast. Hikers, bikers and horseback riders can traverse 55 miles of trail systems that take them through the city’s natural environment. The three major trails systems in Steamboat Springs are Howelsen Hill, Spring Creek, and Yampa River Core Trail.

1. Howelsen Hill- With Emerald Mountain in the background, users can go through 24 miles of trail specially designed for non-motorized recreational use. Two lanes allow for easy passage of pedestrians, equestrians, and bicyclists.

2. Yampa River Core Trail- Following the Yampa River, this path takes hikers from Steamboat Springs to Bear River Park. During the walk, they can witness cottonwood trees, beaches, and picnic spots. Although the primary trail continues for approximately 7 miles, users can continue their journey through numerous side paths or relax at parks and playgrounds.

3. Spring Creek- At 5.2 miles, the Spring Creek Trail offers hikers and bikers more opportunities to experience Colorado’s pristine beauty. A single track for much of the walk, it provides access to Routt National Forest and Dry Lake Campground.


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